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Wessex Mill Clarks (Wantage) ltd, Wessex Mill, Mill Street, Wantage, OX12 9AB, United Kingdom.

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The Munsey family has been milling for four generations. It all started when William Henry Munsey came to Oxford in 1895. His farming business in Cambridge was devastated by foot and mouth. He took a job with Pratt & Haines as forage manager, then in 1898 he went into partnership with Archer Cowley and took over Osney Mill. The partnership did not last long and the business became W.H. Munsey (Ltd in 1911). He had two sons. Ellis who carried on the flour milling side and Keith who traded as a corn merchant. The great war came and the two sons served in the army, after the war life they settled down again. Then in 1927 Christ church delivered an ultimatum, that you purchased the land or get out. The money was borrowed from the bank and the next year William Henry died.

This picture was taken in 1911 at Osney Mill. In the car is Bill Muffin (Flour Salesman), behind his left shoulder is WH Munsey to his left his son Ellis.
The next few years seem to be trouble free then the second world war was declared and as the big mills at London, Southampton, Liverpool and Hull were destroyed by enemy bombs, it put pressure on the small mills for extra production. The mill at Osney ran for 24 hours a day, week in week out. The war ended and free trade came back to the milling industry. Disaster struck again - the mill was destroyed by fire in 1945.

At the time the small town and village bakeries where closing as mass production of sliced bread was taking over. Osney mill was dedicated to bread flour and it was decided not to rebuild at Osney Mill but buy Mr Clarks Flour mill at Wantage which was an all biscuit flour mill.
The next generation were now working in the mill. Dick , Ellis's son and Bill, Keith's son. Dick was killed in a car accident and his father died a few years later. That left Bill to run the mill at Wantage.

The mill at Wantage had three customers then Serples Biscuits, Huntley and Palmers (biscuit makers) and C&T Harris (pie makers). A few alterations were made to the mill so that it could make bread flour as well to supply customers around Oxford. They had been buying flour from other mills for the two years between the fire and buying the mill at Wantage.
Over the next decades the mill supplied companies like Cadbury's, Farleys, Mars, United Biscuits and the Co-op. As it became less profitable for a small mill to produce biscuit flour the mill switched to supplying local bakeries with bread flour. Now the mill supplies small artisan and craft bakers across the country.

Now the mill is run by Paul (WH's great grandson) and Emily (WH's great great grandaughter).