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You will find a large range of flours on our website. Our flour is different. It has been milled using wheat grown locally around the mill, you will find the names of the farms on the back of every bag. Above all, it is milled to produce top quality bread time after time.
Our sales are climbing each year as the word gets around that our flour gives excellent results, making bread making easy and rewarding.
Happy Baking
Paul Munsey
Fourth Generation Miller

Mill Shop Onsite is closed until after Christmas, you can order online.

Mill Shop Onsite is closed until after Christmas, you can order online.

Mill front door in 1895. Above them the flour sack displays the emblem of King Alfreds statue. The mill must have been one of the first to use the statue to sybolise Wantage, as is frequently done now. The mill has greater claim than most, being the town mill, and probably the mill of an ancient royal villa that belonged to the Kings of Wessex and possibly to Alfred himself.
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Used by over 150 craft bakers and is available to the public through over 1000 farm shops, specialist food shops and independent food stores. You will not find us on the large supermarket shelf. It is also available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Hungary ,St Helena, Sydney and The Falkland Islands. More Information......

Miller, Born and Bread

Miller, Born and Bread

Wessex mill are proud to announce that a new generation of the family has decided to become a miller!
Emily is going to be learning every aspect of milling and the business.
Keep updated with her progress at the mill on her blog Miller, Born and Bread on facebook.

Bread Machine Fault Guide

Having problems with your machine click Here. Especially if you have bought a new machine and seeded bread flours aren't working.

Fortified / Enriched Flour and The Bread and Flour Regulations 2012

By statute I have to put Calcium, Niacin, Iron and Thiamin into any white wheat flour that I mill.
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