Using Our Flour in a Bread Machine

• All our bread flours can be used in any recipe, just use instead of strong white bread flour.
• The recipe on the front of pack is designed for a panasonic machine, shown below. If the water volume is different to that shown on your bag of flour, follow the volume on the bag.

Large 800g Loaf
Use normal bake program
Dried Yeast 7g / 2½ tsp
Flour 500g / 1lb 2oz
Salt 10g / 1½ tsp
Sugar (optional) 10g / 1½ tsp
Butter 25g / 1oz
Or Olive oil 25g / 2½ tbsp
Water 320ml
Adjust water to suit machine.
If it collapses use less water.

• We find that a short program or quick bake works for all our bread flours. Progam 2 on a panasonic. Wholemeal does not like a long program.
• French flour does not like the pansonic French bread recipe, use rapid or normal white program
• The most frequent problem for baking in a bread machine is the amount of water added. If it collapses add less water.
• Some grain mixes will slip (especially in a brand new machine) and not form a dough ball so please check to see a dough ball has formed and it hits the side of the pan (see video below).
• If you have a new machine and if you are feeling brave, rubbing the pan with a nylon scourer will improve the mixing.

Check to see that your dough mixes like this.

Dough needs to mix and stretch. Adjust water level to make the dough sticky. New machines can often be slippery and not mix if the water level is wrong.

Bread Fault Chart

Bread Fault Chart