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Sour Dough Tartine Bread Method (for that chewy texture)

Makes 2 x 500g Loaves or use the 123 receipe for working out weights.
1. 200g Sour dough starter.
2. 700g water + 50g
3. 1000g flour
4. 25g salt , I use 20g and seems fine.
1. Add Sour Dough and water (700g) mix well and then add the flour, Autolyse (rest) for 30 mins.
2. Add the remaining 50g of water and salt, mix in.
3. Four Stretch and Folds with 30 mins between.
4. Rest for 2 hrs
5. Onto well-floured surface, divide into two and rest for 30 mins.
6. Flatten and form into tight rounds and into banneton or bowl, then into fridge overnight.
7. Oven at 230 deg, preheat a Le Creuset and then put loaf in, cooked covered for 20 mins and then uncovered for 30 mins