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Sour Dough 123 Bread Method (for that chewy texture)

Basic ratio of ingredients:
1 Sourdough, 2 x the water, 3 x the flour plus 1.5-2% salt.
1. Mix the sourdough with the water and then add the flour, then Autolyse (rest) the mixture for 30 mins.
2. Add the salt and mix in.
3. Now do 4 Stretch and Folds with a 30 min rest between. These are done in the bowl and involve pulling up the dough, stretching and folding over onto itself. So pull dough top to bottom, rotate bowl 90 degrees and repeat.
4. After the Stretch & Folds leave to rest for 2 hrs. Then turn out onto a well-floured surface, gently flatten the dough and pull in the corners and form a tight round to get the surface tension in.
5. Put into a banneton and then into fridge overnight.
6. Bake at 230 deg for 35 mins, score before going into oven.