Soda Bread

This is a very quick way of making a delicious lunch by adding feta cheese and olives.

__________________Grams_____ Flour weight
Plain Flour___________250________ 100
Bicarbonate of Soda___7.5__________3
Mixed Seeds_________50__________20

Place the flour, salt and bicarb into the bowl and rub together. Add the seeds and stir in, then add the
buttermilk and fold together gently until all the dry flour is incorporated. It will be very sticky. (I have also
added a mix of feta cheese, olives and mixed herbs to the soda mix.)
Once it is all together, take out of the bowl and roll it around in some dry flour to make it easier to handle,
then place on to a tray cut into 4 and set into the oven as soon as it is finished - this will not require any
Bake at 240oc if possible for about 17 mins.

Click here to download Basic, Soda and Sour Dough Bread Recipes in pdf format