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French Bread Flour 10kg

French Bread Flour 10kg

Price: 17.60

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Shelf life 1 year

Awarded 1 star in the Great Taste Awards.
Judges comment "Made a perfect, well-risen loaf with good crumb, texture and taste."

Milled in France from French wheat.
It gives a light open textured loaf with a crisp crust.
This flour is T65 for making bread and baguettes. The 65 refers to the amonunt of ash that is left after burning the flour.
So T65 has 0.56% ash in it a T55 would be 0.55% ash and slightly whiter.

The French have always used local wheat. It is low in protein.
Protein when mixed with water forms gluten.
Gluten is like chewing gum and is unique in wheat. It allows the gas generated by the yeast to be trapped in bubbles.
The stronger the wheat the smaller the bubbles.
The English have historically, because of the Empire imported wheat from India, Australia, South Americas , America and Canada. These wheats are strong in protein allowing English bakers to make small bubbles. It also allows more water to be added, if you then add a bit of fat, it allows the loaf to last for longer.

Traditional French Bread is made with only flour , yeast and water. It goes stale very quickly.

English wheat has been bred to be much stronger over the last 60 years.
You can revive bread by reheating it in a hot oven for 3 minutes.


Wheat Flour
Malt Flour
Flour Treatment Agent-
L-Ascorbic Acid

Allergen Advice
For allergens, including cereals
containing gluten, see ingredients
in bold. Made in a mill that uses
Sesame. * Supplements required
by law under The Bread and
Flour Regulations 1998

Typical Values_____per 100g
Energy ____1423 kj 333 kcal
Fat ________________ 1.3g
of which saturates ____ 0.2g
Carbohydrate _______70.7g
of which sugars ______ 1.5g
Fibre _______________2.7g
Protein _____________ 9.5g
Salt _________________ 0g

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French Bread Flour 10kg

Ease to use and browse for other producfs

French Bread Flour 10kg

The flour makes great bread, perfect

French Bread Flour 10kg

Fabulous. Perfect flour, makes a perfect loaf everytime

French Bread Flour 10kg

Love the texture of this flour, It would be even better if there was an organic option to choose from

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Great for drier French-style bread

French Bread Flour 10kg

really tasty bread flour.far better then the flour you buy in shops

French Bread Flour 10kg

Good quality flour and it has been kept well. No odour.

French Bread Flour 10kg Six Seed Bread Flour 10kg Wessex Cobber Bread Flour 10kg

Lovely crisp crust my husband favourite

French Bread Flour 10kg Strong White Bread Flour 10kg

I like this flour as it is reliable for my baking needs.

Strong White Bread Flour 10kg Wholemeal Bread Flour 10kg French Bread Flour 10kg

For years I have been trying to make the perfect French baguette. This flour has helped me achieve it at last.

French Bread Flour 10kg

Good quality flour. Exactly as ordered

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Brilliant, produced the most terrific baguettes, best I have tasted this side of Paris and that includes Pas de Calais.

French Bread Flour 10kg

We've been using this flour for some years but our local supplier often never had it in stock so it is far easier to purchase direst

French Bread Flour 10kg Self - Raising Flour 10kg Plain Flour 10kg

Very good. I use this flour because of my intolerance to British wheat.

French Bread Flour 10kg

Makes really excellent bread. My wife has a slight intolerance to the heavier British flours, and this does the trick.

French Bread Flour 10kg


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It performs well especially with Richard Bertinet's recipes

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Tasty. Makes delicious croissants, pain au chocolate and baguettes

Mediterranean Bread Flour 1.5kg French Bread Flour 10kg

Works perfect everyone we use it. It makes absolutely beautiful bread.

French Bread Flour 10kg Six Seed Bread Flour 10kg

Husband loves this the best