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Wessex Mill Clarks (Wantage) ltd, Wessex Mill, Mill Street, Wantage, OX12 9AB, United Kingdom.

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Garden Oven Company Garden Oven Company
For wood fired ovens. Suitable for oven bottom pizza's and bread (brick lined)
For the best food around.For the best food around.
A co-operative of farmers, producers selling on a local scale, and farmers markets organisations
Farm ShopsFarm Shops
Grain ChainGrain Chain
You will find online games and activities for children from 3 years upwards and a host of really useful teaching information for primary and secondary schools.
The Flour Advisory Bureau is the central source of information for all maters relating to flour and bread. They hold detailed information on eberything from health to nutrition.
Grain Information ServiceGrain Information Service
This website gives information about Low Carb Diets, Wheat Intolerance and Allergies, Coeliac Disease, Vitamins and Salt
If you have ever had little black bugs in your cupboard, you can read about them here.
Power GeneratedPower Generated
This shows you how much power is being generated now and what has happened this week. More Information............