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Great Taste AwardsGreat Taste Awards
• The Gold Star winners can be viewed at - www.greattasteawards.co.uk
• The Great Taste Awards are organised by the Guild of Fine Food. They are the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink.
• The awards were established in 1994
• The one, two and three star ratings are established on the premise that a one star is perfect food or drink, a two star is absolutely sublime, three star is that moment you turn to the person next to you and exclaim ‘ Wow! You must try this, it’s amazing!”

We have entered every year and here are our latest awards --
Three StarsThree Stars
Six Seed Bread Flour
A very successful loaf, well-risen with a good crumb and good crust. A well-judged proportion of malted grains, well distributed, gave this loaf a distinctive aroma and most enjoyable flavour. An excellent experience all round.

Wessex Cobber
A very successful blend with apt proportions of malt and a good variety of seeds. It produced a perfect loaf, well-risen, well-shaped, which cut well and which was most enjoyable to eat and with a good finish.
Two StarsTwo Stars
Wholemeal Bread Flour
It was overall everything one would expect from a quality flour.
Light Brown
This flour proved useful in general cookery and made successful pastry, white sauces and bread. The bread came out perfectly with a good crust and a soft, springy crumb. The flavour and overall eating enjoyment were excellent.
Half and Half Bread Flour
A combination that worked perfectly and which produced a well-risen and perfectly shaped loaf with a most enjoyable flavour and enticing aroma.
Mixed Grain
A perfect loaf, well-risen, well-shaped and with a good crumb and crust. The well-selected mixture of grains provided an inviting aroma and excellent and interesting eating. A very solid two stars.
One StarOne Star
Strong White Bread Flour
This made a good looking loaf, well-risen and with a good crumb and crust; a somewhat surprisingly tasty loaf.
Plain Flour
A good flour that was used successfully in several recipes including pastry and Bechamel sauce. It was also tested in bread making and produced a well-risen and well-shaped loaf with good texture and a gentle, pleasant aroma and taste.
Self-Raising Flour
A good flour that proved useful and successful in several bakery goods including scones and Victoria sandwich cake.
French Bread Flour
A perfect loaf: well-risen, with a good appearance, springy crumb and good crust. Pleasantly creamy-looking, with a gentle, pleasant aroma and taste.